What is the Athens Christian Refugee Organization? (ACRO)

"The AcroCenter exists to provide the opportunity for deeper bible training and focused discipleship with new Christian refugee believers while they are still in Athens." 

   The AcroCenter (Athens Christian Refugee Organization Center) works in cooperation with and serves as an extension of three major evangelical refugee outreach organizations currently operating in Athens. These "helps" ministries seek to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ through the meeting of basic human needs for these refugees such as providing showers, laundry services, clothing, meals, general healthcare services and biblical teaching presenting the Gospel of Christ both in word and in deed. These vast evangelistic efforts have borne great fruit in recent years with many coming to Christ. However, the constant flow of new refugees coming into Athens and the constant programing needed to meet their basic, yet overwhelming needs, leaves little time, energy and resource to focus on deeper biblical training and discipleship with these new "Christian Refugees" while they are still in Athens.

The AcroCenter exists solely to provide opportunity for them to become more fully grounded in their faith and helping them learn how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others they meet while still in Athens and along the refugee highway after they leave.

That's what the AcroCenter is all about!

Primary Components of the AcroCenter

Structured Bible Study


The AcroCenter  Basic Discipleship Training Course offers an intense, structured, broad based, 60-classroom hour, 5-week bible study program designed to meet new refugee believers where they are educationally while providing a solid foundation of sound biblical training and discipleship; supporting these new believers spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even financially while they  learn.

This training gives them a strong grasp of scripture and equips them to teach, evangelize and make disciples of their fellow countrymen not only while they are in Athens, but also wherever the Lord moves them as they pass into other countries within Europe and beyond.

Evangelistic Training

The Evengelistic Training program works in conjunction with the structured bible studies program to provide these new Christians with advanced evangelistic training, tools, methods and materials to assist them in reaching into the Muslim cultures they are so familiar with. This training focuses on helping them learn how to reach other refugees along their journey through Athens and into Europe. Disciples making disciples; Former Muslims reaching Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Future plans include a specialized training program for Muslim background believers who have expressed a desire to return to the home countries to reach others with the message of the Gospel.

Resource Center

 The Resource Center provides bible study and discipleship opportunities in a less structured format than the 5-week study program. It also offers a continued learning environment for those who have attended the program, as well as those believers who do not see themselves in the role of an evangelist but simply want to deepen their understanding of scripture and strengthen their faith. The Resource Center also contains a library of source materials that provides Bibles, teaching videos and other materials in the various languages of the believers who will use them.

In the future, the Resource Center plans to include a skilled counseling service component offering improved shepherding and discipleship.