The Need for Deeper Bible Study / Teaching


The AcroCenter Basic Discipleship Training Course offers an intense, structured and broad based 5-week study program designed for selected, new refugee believers. The program is designed to meet them where they are educationally, while providing a solid foundation of biblical training and discipleship; supporting these believers spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even financially while they learn. This course strives to develop approximately 12 to 18, equipped Muslim-background refugee evangelists each year. This training gives them a strong grasp of scripture and equips them to teach, evangelize and make disciples of their fellow countrymen not only while they are in Athens, but also wherever the Lord moves them as they pass into other countries within Europe and beyond. The dream is to help these new refugee evangelists reach others for Jesus Christ! The Evangelistic Training Program also offers tools and practical training to assist in this effort.

The Need for Intentional Discipleship



Teaching Videos in English and Farsi

Discipleship is what the Resource Center is all about! As an open program, it provides fellowship, bible study and teaching opportunities in a less structured environment than the 5-week study program. This is ideal for those believers who do not see themselves in the role of an evangelist but want to deepen their understanding of scripture and strengthen their faith through regular Bible study, intentional discipleship and fellowship with other Christians. The center also contains a library of source materials that will provide Bibles, teaching videos and other materials in the various languages of the believers who will use them. In the future, the Resource Center plans to include a skilled counseling service component offering improved shepherding and discipleship. This is a critical need among refugees, most of which are dealing with great traumas as a result of their pasts.